Bridgehill Heatblock™

Ideal for use by fire departments, and to be provided in conservation areas, among dense wooden houses, camping sites, marinas etc.



Reflective blanket designed to protect buildings, nature or objects close to a fire

The reflective blanket effectively protects against 96% of radiant heat, which is converted into convection heat and disappears upwards.

The blanket does not tolerate direct flames. If the buildings are so close that direct flames can hit the blanket, Inferno Block ™ blanket should be used instead. These two blankets together is an incredible effective solution to prevent the spread of fire. But usually it is enough to just use the reflective blanket alone.

Quick and easy to hang up.
Resource saving solution as the fire crew don not having to purge for cooling.
Very environmentally friendly! Either water or foam is needed, and the blanket can be used many times.



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