Get a better deal on electrical transformers in Nigeria, widely used in residential and industrial areas

Switches and Sockets

Our sleek but durable switches and sockets are sure to improve the look of your home or office

Lighting Fitting

Bring life to your home, office and others with exquisite and ambient lighting fittings

Conduits and Pipes

We have in stock quality and durable pipes, conduit and accessories

Fire Extinguishers

We stock these types of fire extinguishers: CO₂, Dry Powder, Water, Foam, Clean Agent and Wet Chemical.

Valves and Risers

We supply the largest of landing valves, breeching inlets and angle hose valves.

Wet Sprinkler System

Industrial air compressors used for automotive and general industry

Fire Hydrant

We supply high-performance fire hydrants. Our Hydrants are vital for combating fires as they provide a ready supply of water.

Reels and Cabinets

Get high-quality reels and cabinets to protect your home, office and facilities from destructive fire.

Fire Detection System

We supply any type of fire or smoke detection system. We guarantee only quality products.

Cable Management System

We provide complete solution for all types of cable management system in Nigeria

Electrical power/Panel Building

We are the leading supplier of high-quality electrical panels in Nigeria and with competitive price


Our range of compressors is sure to exceed your expectations

Circuit Breakers

We supply any type of fire or smoke detection system. We guarantee only quality products.

Distribution Board

Get quality electrical distribution board for either home or industrial uses

Surface Terminal Shield Box

Get quality surface terminal shield box for your home or industrial uses.

Amored Cables

Single Core Cables

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Wire Mesh

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Cable Tray

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Cable Ladder

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SOTERIA - Throwable Fire Extinguishers

BRIDGE HILLS - Fire Blankets

Fire Blankets for Cars and Industrial Use

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